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Next generation lending platform for next billion

BitBond token sale is live now !


What is this coin used for?

The primary use of this coin will be solely inon proprietory Lending & Exchange platform.

What is your ticker symbol ?


Will there be more than 3 Million coins issued .?

No. This is a fixed supply coin and there will only be 3 Million coins ever created.

How many tokens will be held by developers ?

We will not be holding any coins whatsoever. The only profits we plan to derive is from the lending and scalping bots we would be using to give profits to our customers. Profits over and above the committed range would be kept by the management for the further development.

Where will this token be traded ?

Bit Bond will be initially traded on its own exchange followed by its listing on other 3rd party exchanges as deemed necessary by the management. Everything has been clearly mentioned in the whitepaper.

Will Bit Bond be listed on Third Party exchanges ?

Yes. We will be listed on multiple exchanges across the world.

When does the ICO start? How long will it last ?

The ICO will start on 1st january at 11 :00 UTC+08:00 .