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Next generation lending platform for next billion

BitBond token sale is live now !


Road Map

  • 2018 January


    ICO Start From 1st January.

  • 2018 February


    Lending Starts in February.

  • 2018 February


    Block Explorer Will Be Initiated By 1st January,And An Exchange Will be Launched In.

  • 2018 April


    Listing Will Start On 3rd Party Exchanges,Target Price Of The Coin Would Be 35$ - 60$ By March.

  • 2018 April - August


    Partnership with 500 Merchants Around The Word.

3 million global investment tokens
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BBC Bitbondcoin Roadmap.

  • 2018 ICO Starts January 1st.
  • Lending starts in 1st week of January.
  • Block Explorer work will be in 1st week of January.
  • An exchange will be launched in 1st week of January.

  • LIsting of coin directory
    2.Coingecko(till the end of January).

  • Mobile wallets will be launched between March and April.

  • Listing will start on 3rd party exchanges in the month of March 2018.

  • Marketing Events will be done throughout March-May in Hong Kong and Jakarta.

  • Incentives will be given for the top l0 lenders and affiliates starting 2000$ - 25000$ .

  • Full-fledged promotion of BBC throughout April in different countries.

  • Partnership with 500 merchants around the world between April - August .

  • Target price of the coin would be 35$ – 60$ by March .